Monday, September 22, 2014

Micah is 2 Months Old!

Our Micah Boy is two months old, and it has been two months of change! In addition to the obvious differences of having a boy (different anatomy ;), different pronouns), Micah has proven to be very different from his sisters. He is a loud baby, almost constantly grunting, groaning, snoring, cooing, crying, some sort of sound! It makes it quite difficult to sleep soundly (in between nursing). Speaking of nursing, he nurses way more than the girls ever did. Not only does he nurse more frequently than they did, he nurses for a longer time than they did. While the girls nursed quickly and were done, he nurses a little, takes a break, and nurses more. We haven't had his two month check-up yet, but we know he is becoming quite the chunky boy from all that nursing! He is still the delight of Rebekah. She just loves him and loves to love on him (a little too much!). And Leah likes to touch his feet and mimic his cries. Everyday he is becoming more and more alert, making eye contact more, smiling a lot, and cooing, too! We are loving getting to know our precious boy!


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