Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rebekah's first solid food!

Since Rebekah got her first 2 teeth and is very closely attending to our eating (and still wanting to nurse every 3 hours), I figured it was time to start solid foods. I'll let her tell you the story of her first meal
I'm happy to be sitting in my high chair!
I'm ready for something...
I don't know about this, Mom...
Are you sure I'm supposed to put it in my mouth?
Now, I'm getting the idea...
This stuff is pretty good!
What? No more???
She was definitely NOT satisfied with the recommended serving size for baby's first feeding, so I gave her another portion and even then she was still acting hungry. I think we have a good eater on our hands!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

We Bought a House!

After several months of searching, going out at least once a week with the realtor to look at houses, we thought we had found our house. We put an offer on it... and were beat out by another offer. I was pretty upset and was starting to lose hope that we would find a house. However, Stephen reminded me that this is what has often happened in our lives. We have minor setbacks (which always seem major at the time) followed by God's abundant provision, and that this time would be no different. He has always been faithful to provide for our family and would continue to do so. I knew Stephen was right, but was still struggling with a deadline of looking for houses to buy and not finding any prospects. About a week later, our realtor texted me about a new house that would be coming on the market the following day. We looked it up and saw that it was in a neighborhood we liked and told him we wanted to schedule a showing that next morning. We didn't know much about the house, but we walked in the door the following morning and knew. We walked through and told the realtor we wanted to put an offer on it. We knew that this 2100 sq. ft. 4 bed/2.5 bath, with an office, screened in back porch, and garage would not stay on the market long, so we submitted our offer that same day and they accepted! The bathrooms and kitchens need to be updated, but we are excited (and overwhelmed!) that we get to be the ones to make the design choices. God is good and we are grateful!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

5 Months Old!

Our lives were changed and made so much better on January 6, 2013 when Rebekah Joy was born, and each day it just gets better. Like her name, she truly is a joy.

A little bit about Rebekah at 5 months old: she is very sweet and loves to snuggle and be talked to. She likes music, especially mommy singing. Rebekah does NOT like for strangers to hold her. She will tolerate it for a little while, as long as mommy is in view, but after a little while, seeing mommy isn't enough. She gets the saddest, pouty face and cries until she is given back to mommy. I know it's sad for her, but it's one of the best feelings in the world for me. To know that my child recognizes me and wants me over others is amazing. It's something we never really experienced with Leah, so it's very new for us. Rebekah has had some big things happen this month, I'll share them (in no particular order) through pictures:
Rebekah got her first tooth! The other one is on it's way, I can see the white under her gums. (click on the picture for a zoomed in view)
Rebekah is getting a little too big for her cradle! She is getting bigger and bigger and we are about to make the transition to crib so that she can have space to stretch out.
Rebekah really wants to go! When she is on her tummy, she lifts up the lower half of her body and gets her legs going in a crawling motion. If only she could figure out how to get both halves of her body up, she would be gone!
Rebekah is sitting up... kind of! When she is in a reclining position, she curls up into a sitting position and can hold it for a good while. This picture was taken the first time it happened. She was sitting in the bouncy seat on the table while Leah and I were eating dinner one night. One second she was leaning back and the next she was upright watching us eat, wondering where her dinner was!
Rebekah finally found her feet! Sometimes she chews on them, but she still prefers her hands and fingers.
We love our bunny and are excited for the changes to come in the next month!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Daredevil

I was doing dishes last week, while Leah was playing on the couch. I turned around to look in the living room to check on her and this is what I found...
I can't blame her, how else is she going to mess with the blinds that I very inconveniently put up so high, unless she stands on the couch?!

Sister Love

We are so happy to see Leah not only acknowledging Rebekah's presence, but seeking her out. Leah has started saying "Baby Bekah" likes to hold "Baby Bekah hand" (See the video Stephen posted on FB). If Rebekah cries, Leah starts saying her name.  Leah loves to touch Rebekah, to feel her hands, feet, face. And she is very gentle with her (thank goodness). And Rebekah loves Leah. She watches her intently, and as soon as Leah holds Baby Bekah's hand, Rebekah is trying to bring it to her mouth to chew on it. Rebekah also really loves to grab big sister's hair. Poor Leah! I pray that these two girls will truly grow to love each other, to become best friends, always looking out for each other, and that they will be an example to others of accepting others' differences.
Holding "Baby Bekah hand"
Tickle toes!

Mother's Day (a little late!)

I totally forgot to blog about Mother's Day!! And this was an extra special one, too... Not only did I get to spend Mother's Day with my mom, it was also my first as a mom to 2 children. And, Rebekah was dedicated on Mother's Day. Definitely blog-worthy!

First, let me say how much I love my mom. I am so thankful that God gave me to her. She is truly a selfless person, always willing to go, do, give, whatever you need. I always know I can rely on her when I'm in need. She's sweet and fun to be around, too. I don't think there's anyone who doesn't love my mom, and I'm the lucky one who gets to call her mom. Thank you Lord for my mom.

I am doubly blessed because I also have a mother-in-law who I love very much as well. She is also a giving person, with one of the biggest servant's hearts. She is extremely proud of, loyal to, and protective of each member of her family. She is almost always thinking of one of us and how she can help to make our lives a little easier.

I have a lot to learn from my two special moms and I pray that God gives me MANY years to learn from and love them.

This was also my first Mother's Day as a mom to two children and it was a special one. We dedicated Rebekah to the Lord and promised to do our best to provide her with a home where the Gospel is lived out in the hopes that someday she will come to know Jesus as her savior. I know that any other mother's of multiple children already know this truth, but it is amazing how God created our hearts to be so filled with love for our first child and then miraculously our hearts expand to include love for another child. And somehow, the love isn't divided between the two, but rather multiplied. It's amazing to think that you can love more than one person so deeply. I feel so blessed to have these 2 precious girls to call my own.