Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Holidays in Norfolk

We have been very blessed to already have so many visitors in the few months since we moved to Norfolk, and Thanksgiving was no exception. All of the Burgin siblings and families gathered at the Norfolk Burgin house to celebrate the holiday together. We had a great time going to the mall, seeing Santa, playing together and eating lots of food! I probably did more than I should have, considering I was 34 weeks pregnant, but that's just the control freak in me! It's so nice that we are close enough to do this and that our house is big enough to hold the whole family, well for this year anyway... :)

The whole family (minus Mom and Dad) getting ready to feast!

Now, onto Christmas! Our house is decorated and ready! I have had fun decorating this house with lots of new (and old) things. This year we got a Fraser fir tree for the first time. We have always gotten Douglas firs in honor of Oregon, but decided to do something new this year. We also got Leah her own tree this year, and boy does she love it! We even let her put her ornaments that she has gotten for her first 4 Christmases on her tree.

We have wanted to participate in any holiday activities we can find, so we went to Colonial Williamsburg for their Grand Illumination, to start the Christmas season. They light up all of the houses with candles in the windows, have an 18th century Santa, a drum and fife parade, and fireworks after dark. We decided it was worth staying up late for, and Leah really seemed to enjoy the fireworks! We are having lots of fun getting to know our new city and are excited for our first Christmas here. Maybe we'll have snow for Christmas (and a baby)!