Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Days

What do you do when you're at home, stuck in the house, with nothing to do, because a hurricane is going by outside? First, stay in pajamas all day.

Second, hang out and look out the window.

Third, look at the computer with Mom.

And, if you're still bored, sing! Check facebook for a video of Leah singing. For some reason it won't let us upload to blogger.

Student of the Month

With Hurricane Sandy coming through, I totally forgot to share about Leah's Student of the Month celebration at school. On Friday, Leah was honored, along with the students from the other classes, with a special certificate and little party. Each student was called by the principal, given their certificate, and got to have a cookie and juice with the principal. Stephen took the afternoon off of work to come with me, and then we took Leah to a special lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Well, the lunch might have been more for us!

Leah liked getting a certificate from Dr. White!

Leah did NOT like eating the cookie or drinking the juice!

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Letters for Leah's Room

Okay, prepare to be amazed... I have done something crafty! With the help of my encouraging mother-in-law, we made new letters for Leah's room. Now, Leah already had 2 sets of letters in her room, but as cute as they were, they don't match her room anymore. We finally decided to give Leah her first girly room with pink/purple/green bed set and I saw a cute idea for letters hanging them from a curtain rod (thank you pinterest), so we decided to try to make our own. Check out our creative efforts:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What I Found When I Went in Leah's Room

Let me start out by saying that about a month ago, we took the front off of Leah's crib and put a bed rail up. It was just getting too hard for me to lift her up and over the front of the crib and we will at some point transition her to a big girl bed. One of the benefits of Leah's blindness is that she doesn't know how high she is off the ground, so we have just made sure to not let Leah get in and out of bed on her own. We have seen her a couple of times with her legs hanging off the edge of the bed about an inch above the ground. But since she couldn't feel the ground, she has given up on trying to get down. This was all working out well for us, until about a week ago. She finally got brave enough to let her feet get all the way to the ground. This has slowly progressed to standing up and leaning against the crib, getting all the way down and sitting on the ground, and finally today... I walked into Leah's room while she was supposed to be taking a nap and here is what I found when I went in Leah's room:
Aside from the fact that she was out and over at her changing table, clothes and blankets were strewn about her room. And, don't mind her pants half down... that's just her style! Our girl is getting to be a brave one! Let the fun begin!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Update on Leah at School

Well, Leah has been in school now for more than 2 months and is really liking her school. She knows where she is when we walk in the door and is happy to be there. The school has a walker that they have provided for Leah to use while in school. After some resistance, she is using the walker again! However, she walks EXTREMELY slowly with it. I guess it's her way of saying, "Fine, I'll use it, but I'm gonna use it my way!" You gotta love this girl who knows what she wants! Here is a pic of her at school in her walker:

Another great thing at school is that Leah was chosen to be the Student of the Month for her class!  Every month a student is chosen from each class and then there is a special celebration that parents are invited to, where the kids are honored. The Students of the Month also get to have a special treat with the principal. We are so proud of our little girl who has obviously impressed her teachers with her determination and strong spirit! On one of the bulletin boards in the hallway at school is a display of information sheets about each student. Below is a pic of Leah's. In case you can't read it, it says: "Hello! My name is Leah! I am three years old. This is my first year at Easton Preschool. I like manipulating my braille books and light up toys. I like walking with my teachers and playing on the playground. I enjoy sliding on the slide!" They seem to know our girl pretty well!!