Wednesday, November 14, 2012

33 weeks down, 7 to go (hopefully)!

I know I have not been very good at documenting the growth and changes I have been going through during this pregnancy.  You can trust in the saying "no news is good news"! So, not only for those who read the blog, but to remember myself, I am going to update the similarities and differences of this pregnancy and Leah's. Despite getting some flack from my doctor over my lack of weight gain (my pre-pregnancy weight to 32 weeks is only a difference of 7 lbs.), everything is going very well with this pregnancy. Just to reassure, I have gained more than 7 lbs during this pregnancy. I just lost a lot of weight during the first trimester, but have gained it all back plus 7 pounds in the last 20 weeks. This also happened during my pregnancy with Leah. I have often joked that the first trimester of pregnancy is the best diet I have been on, if only you were supposed to lose weight! Aside from the weight gain issue, I have also only gained weight in my belly with this pregnancy. I hesitate to say that, knowing that it will make many mothers upset that I don't seem to gain weight in my feet, face, nose, and other unfortunate places, but I'm just sharing, not bragging, I promise! This baby also has hiccups all the time, like Leah did, at least once every day. I didn't really have any strange food cravings with Leah, and I don't with this baby either.
Now, for some of the differences with this pregnancy. This baby is more active than Leah. This baby has spent a lot more time kicking me in the ribs and jumping on my bladder than Leah did. She moved, but her movements were more polite. I have not had the sciatic pain with this pregnancy that I did with Leah, which makes walking a lot easier! With this pregnancy, I am finding it more difficult to get comfortable and not just when trying to sleep. Just finding a comfortable position while sitting on the couch takes me several minutes of rearranging pillows, my position, etc. I don't remember that with Leah.  I have noticed that this baby reacts to certain foods in a way that Leah never did. We went to a Mexican restaurant and this baby was doing the Mexican Hat Dance in my belly when I ate salsa. I'm hoping that it was the baby's way of saying "yummy" and not "yucky", because Mexican food is an important part of our lives!
I'm sure there are many more things I could write about, but my pregnancy brain has made me forget anything else, and my dancing belly is telling me it's time for a snack. So, I will finish with a picture of me at 33 weeks: