Friday, April 11, 2014

Playing Catch Up...

... I feel like this is what I am constantly doing with the blog. I keep coming up with ideas for ways to keep the blog up to date, but I continually fail.  I can give a list of reasons for why I have not updated this blog in about 5 months, but I am not going to. Instead, I am going to give myself some grace, and finally admit: I am not a good blogger. I want to be, but I'm not. Maybe someday, but not right now. In the meantime, I will give a quick 5 months in review. Here goes:

Leah got cuter.
Bekah got older (11 months).
Leah got to go to her first ODU basketball game.
We had Howell Thanksgiving in Tennessee.
Bekah found out she was going to be a big sister (and wasn't happy about it).
The girls met Santa.
We had our first Christmas in our new home (and Bekah's first Christmas ever!).
Bekah liked all her new toys...
... Leah's toys, too
Leah was able to keep some presents to herself.
We went to South Carolina for Burgin Christmas (the grandkids in age order).
The two youngest got to open Baby Jesus (a family tradition).
Leah got a special present: Baby Kate, her cabbage patch doll.
Bekah turned 1 year old!
She had a special birthday party...
... loved her new baby doll...
... her tea set...
... her farm...
... and her pink cupcake.
It snowed...
... And snowed.
With all the snow, we had to bring the slide into the house
Stephen made a snow angel.
We had lots of fires in our fireplace.
It snowed some more.
We had to start baby proofing.
Baby proofing failed.
We spent Stephen's spring break in Tennessee.
Bekah touched a waterfall.
Stephen tried to fall off of a waterfall.
Bekah met her new best friend - Daniel Tiger.
Mommy snuggled her Leah girl.
Bekah learned how to climb up and slide down all by herself (while no one was looking).
Bekah also learned how to drive.
I reached the mid-point of my pregnancy (20 weeks).
We got to see Baby #3.
It finally got warm enough to go outside and play.
The girls found some audible Easter eggs...
 ... and enjoyed a wagon ride at the beach.
Spring has finally bloomed...
... and we are enjoying all the pretty trees...
... and beautiful flowers.

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  1. I love this update. Good job blogging, friend. I feel the same about blogging. Pre-kids I was very faithful to the blog, now, not so much. Miss you guys. Love the photo of your beautiful fam with the springtime trees. Hope to see you in Oregon sometime!!